RVP Iasi Center Newsletter

In a time of isolation and lockdown, it becomes more necessary than ever to continue meeting, online and in print, and to reflect on the challenges posed and the possible lessons (re-)learnt on being human for/in global times.

In this spirit, the RVP Iasi Center newletter announces the publication of an IC-RVP volume, presents the new project undertaken by the center and invites to a new international conference in October 2021.

Site interactions

RVP Iasi Center

This website serves as an online environment for our Re-Learning to Be Human project.

This is a site of intercultural encounters, meant to capture and document the textual, visual and auditory aspects of cultural interactions in their dynamism and multiplicity.

Online activities will include questions, topics for discussion, invitations to post photo, audio, video or text content and are open to suggestions.

Project members are invited to interact in the Forum section by leaving comments to posts, participating in conversation threads and posting material as invited.