Call for conference papers

As part of its new research project on The Meaningfulness of Intercultural Encounters across Boundaries (2020-2023), RVP Iasi Center under the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy is organising an International Conference in October 2021.

The conference, to be held in hybrid or online mode, proposes to investigate the re- and dis-establishment of borders and boundaries in today’s world and eventually aims at Crossing Boundaries through Intercultural Encounters.

The call for papers is available below.

Published volume

It gives us great pleasure to announce that our volume The Role of Intercultural Encounters in Re-learning to be Human has been published by The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy Washington, DC in Series Cultural heritage and contemporary change [2021]

Our gratitude and appreciation goes to the intercultural group of authors who offered their contributions on this topical issue.

We are deeply thankful to Hu Yeping, Executive Director of the CUA McLean Center for the Study of Culture and Values, for her support with editing and publication.

Project 2020-2023

The Meaningfulness of Intercultural Encounters across Boundaries

The new RVP Iași Center Project continues our research under The Role of Intercultural Encounters in Relearning to be Human project (2017-2019). This project will bring together scholars with various cultural and spiritual backgrounds, from all over the world, to reflect on the meaningful role played by intercultural encounters in crossing borders and boundaries.

Thus, the MIEB project will facilitate intercultural encounters, invite reflections on this kind of experience and promote research on the phenomenon using the multidisciplinary tools of the humanities.

• The cultural encounter with the other can remain a simple everyday fact or can be full of meaning. When do those intercultural experiences occur which enrich the understanding of oneself and the other? What enables a new opening, a special kind of experience? • The intercultural meeting is the one that establishes and creates, it brings a kind of novelty that was not and could not be anticipated • The cultural encounter can be creative insofar as it establishes something that is beyond one and the other, but also belongs to one and the other, it is the establishment of a new interspace.

Proposed research topics include:
• Conditions for meaningful intercultural encounters
• Reviewing cultural identities in global times/global crises
• Re-presenting cultural and spiritual artifacts
• Old and new borders and boundaries in a globalized world
• Encounters of spiritual practices
• Acquiring and valuing intercultural knowledge

Activities: The MIEB project hosted an excellent Seminar in 2020 and is preparing for the 2021 Conference in October. Other activities will include workshops and online/onsite lectures and meetings.

RVP Iasi Center Newsletter

In a time of isolation and lockdown, it becomes more necessary than ever to continue meeting, online and in print, and to reflect on the challenges posed and the possible lessons (re-)learnt on being human for/in global times.

In this spirit, the RVP Iasi Center newletter announces the publication of an IC-RVP volume, presents the new project undertaken by the center and invites to a new international conference in October 2021.