Re-Learning to Be Human for Global Times: The Role of Intercultural Encounters is an interactive project developed by RVP Iasi Center under the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy.

This project will investigate the role played by intercultural encounters in shaping the global world and in possibly redefining what it means to be human for present and future times. It will particularly focus on encounters with foreign people and artifacts and the resulting experience and knowledge.

The project will bring together people from diverse cultural and spiritual environments who are interested in and able to reflect on the role played by intercultural encounters in their own lives, in their source communities and in the world in general.

It will provide its members and participants with the opportunity to meet in a welcoming online and offline environment and discuss freely, starting from their own background and experiences and building on their academic interests in order to produce new knowledge.

Thus the project aims to facilitate intercultural encounters, invite reflection on the experience and promote research on the phenomenon using the multidisciplinary tools of the humanities.

Project activities include debates, workshops, conferences and publications on the following indicative topics:

Reviewing cultural identities in global times

Re-presenting cultural and spiritual artifacts

Old and new borders in a globalized world

A phenomenology of intercultural encounters

Encounters of spiritual practices

Acquiring and valuing intercultural knowledge

Humanism(s) in global times

Academia as a site of intercultural encounters